...Conducted by MarkusBieringer, the eight-headed orchestra brilliantly mastered the complexly structured, multifaceted and rhythmically highly versatile score with brilliance.[...] As the frivolous game of cat-and-mouse for greed an power, sex and violence, the music by Camille Kerger under the admirable conducting of Markus Bieringer is alike: playful and cheeky, piercing and colorful.“


Premiere Chamber operas by K. Vaage/C. Kerger (First peformance) in Luxembourg DAS OPERNGLAS (May 2014)




[...]A stroke of luck is the conductor MarkusBieringer. For two years the first Kapellmeister and deputy chief conductor at the Pfalztheater, the young artist achieved a soundwise exhilarating result with his orchestra. He focused on an impulsive, dynamic and leanly elaborated orchestra sound with sparkling cembalo, banging timpani and thrilling brass.“


Premiere Iphigenie in Aulis DAS OPERNGLAS (April 2014)




[…] Thanks to the splendid orchestra under the direction of the conductor Markus Bieringer, the premiere in Kaiserslautern turned out to be an exciting plea for the rarely played opera composer Gluck.[…]In the elevated orchestra pit, the short-staffed orchestra succeeded in achieving a historically informed, vibratoless Gluck sound, which came very close_ to the ideal of plain classical beauty. Not only by very sportive tempi did Bieringer care for an energized tension, which led to an exciting opera performance.”


Premiere Iphigenie en Aulide DIE RHEINPFALZ (February 24th 2014)




[…] The stage action falls into a tiring lament whereas Markus Bieringer and his excellent orchestra always strive for enthusiasm and strength in the tonal expression […]”


Premiere Iphigenie en Aulide DEUTSCHE BÜHNE (February 24th 2014)




[] The subtle and in every second highly concentrated conducting of Markus Bieringer leaves much room for the depth and the complexity of the work[…]”


Symphony concert december, 06th 2013 DIE RHEINPFALZ (December 9th 2013)




[…]The orchestra of the Pfalztheater played under conductor Markus Bieringer as if made from one piece. It was the decision of taking brisk tempi that was particularly felicitous, thus increasing the fire and avoiding eventual sentimental shallows[…]”


Premiere Nabucco SAARBRÜCKER ZEITUNG (January, 21th 2013



[…]Already in the overture the musicians emphasize how highly concentrated they´ll go about the evening. Markus Bieringer at the conductor's stand succeeds in keeping up this tention[…]”


Premiere Nabucco DIE RHEINPFALZ (January, 21th 2013)




[…]Markus Bieringer, deputy chief conductor, leads the orchestra through a great Verdi-evening with spirits, big emphasis, verve and passion. Nothing appears too ostentatious, the loudness corresponds with the dramatic intensity […]”


Premiere Nabuccowww.opernnetz.de (January, 22th 2013)




[…]The very successfully debuting deputy chief conductor mobilized the last tonal reserves of the orchestra with music from the soundtrack to „Star Wars“ by John Williams without becoming too bold or pithy. At this place, a laudation for him is due anyway: Markus Bieringer conducted on a grand scale, sovereign, nonchalant and with overview. He belongs to those conductors who have the score in their head – and not vice versa[…]”


New years concert 2013 DIE RHEINPFALZ (January, 03rd 2013)




[…]Under the leadership of Markus Bieringer the orchestra of the Pfalztheater displayed the musical fireworks which enraptured the audience to storms of enthusiasm[…]”


New years concert 2013 DIE RHEINPFALZ (January, 08th 2013)




[…]The Badische Staatskapelle and Markus Bieringer cared for tempo, drive and musical horror-effects. They go about Offenbach´s score easily and casually […]”


Premiere Ritter Blaubart Badisches Tagblatt (December, 19th 2011)




[…]But musically the performance has its great merits. This was proved by Markus Bieringer standing unexpectedly on the podium of the Badische Staatskapelle to put his remarkable vital stamp on the evening. The young conductor, who graduated his conducting studies at the University of music in Karlsruhe, brought out the strong main points by a dedicated access to the score. Skilfully he avoided the traps of incompatible sweetness and sound bombast. He was an attentive accompanist and a sensible initiator to the singers and the well-prepared choir, he kept up the vibrating tension between lyric emphasis and passionate pathos three hours long and succeeded in making a sustainable listening experience of the big ballet scene in the third act by the colorful and prudently nuanced sound[…]”


Debut of Samson et Dalila BADISCHE NEUESTE NACHRICHTEN (October, 13th 2010)


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